What $36 Million Can Buy!

 Badminton Cabinet

In 2004 a piece of furniture entitled, “Badminton Cabinet,” sold at auction for $36 million dollars. The Badminton Cabinet receives its name from Badminton, England, where it held residence for more than two centuries.

The history of this 18th century Florentine chest of ebony wood; inlaid with gems and stones, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, etc. sets a record for breaking its own record. The first record it set was in 1990 when “billion-heiress” Barbara Piasecka Johnson (Johnson & Johnson company) placed the winning bid of $16.59 million. When Johnson placed it on the auction block again, the record was broken when Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein bid a whopping $36 million, donating it to the Liechtenstein Museum in Austria.

Money Under the Mattress – How About Invested in the Mattress?

You might think that there is a typo, but make no mistake, we double check our facts! The Vividus bed, designed and produced by the Swedish company, Hastens, carries a price tag of $59,750.

It is reported that when sleeping on the Vividus, you feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud! We at Tradition Furniture Restoration can only imagine what the sheets go for!


…And if You’re into Wood …

A Scottsdale, AZ furniture company, Parnian Furniture Design & Manufacturing has designed a custom desk composed of six exotic woods, including ebony and Carpathium elm. The facing of the desk, with its stylish wave design, comes to life with several colorful and dramatic wood finishes; and may set your heart racing as you read the price tag – $200,000!          Parmian

If $200,000 isn’t in your budget for home furnishings, you are not alone! Market trends include refurbishing your own furniture and TFR can lighten, darken and colorize thrift shop finds as well as your own pieces.