Furniture Caning: How to Keep Your Set of Chairs Together

The history of the Breuer chair (to date one of the most popular dinette chairs ever manufactured) goes back to the mid 1960’s. The tubular steel frames, accompanied by pre-woven caning, were an instant hit in households throughout the country. The popularity of this style of chair continues, as the lightweight construction and airy seats and backs are both comfortable and contemporary, which allows them to adjust to many styles of kitchens.
It is tough to damage or wear out these caned chairs, however, over time the caning loses its taut form and begins to show wear-and-tear by sagging and fraying, often developing holes in the center of the seat. When this occurs, Tradition Furniture Restoration steps in and replaces the pre-woven cane. It is an inexpensive way to hold onto a set of chairs that have been a wonderful part of your kitchen and family meal times.
Repairing and Replacing Cane Work
Tradition Furniture Restoration takes pride in their expertise and variety of caning they provide for their customers. There are several popular styles and types of cane work.
• Pre-Woven Caning. This is the most popular type of caning today and is sold in various sizes, patterns and in both natural and manmade fibers.
• Hand-Woven Caning. Weaving the cane in different directions creates patterns. It takes a keen eye and strong arms and hands to handle this meticulous work.
• Rushing and Diamond Point. Lengths of natural and paper strands are strung from side to side, again creating various patterns, one of which is the diamond point. This work is durable, and great for porch rocking chairs!
Finishing Touches
Once the cane work has been restored, Tradition Furniture Restoration seals the cane to protect it. You also have the option of color matching and finishing with a lacquer product that retains its color and luster. Your dining chairs, settees, benches and Breuer chairs will have many more years of life in them!

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