Furniture Restoration: The Road to Rehabilitation – Or is It?

If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a hundred times: antiques that have been restored, consequently diminishing their value. The Antiques Roadshow is an educational PBS show that gives insight to both the amateur and connoisseur in various areas of collectible antiques including: furniture, paintings, china, crystal, silver ware, jewelry and textiles.

Tradition Furniture Restoration has over 30 years of hands-on experience, and that’s a plus when you’re looking to ask questions and get reliable answers about refinishing your older pieces of furniture.

3 Things You Want to Know Before Restoring Wood Furniture The value of a piece of furniture when first purchased is not necessarily the indicator of future value, nor is the fact that it has been passed down from generation to generation. When it comes to restoring your furniture, consider these pointers:

  1. History of the piece. The more information you have, such as bill of sale or markings on the back or inside the drawers of the item, the more qualified you are to make a decision about restoring or refinishing the piece of furniture.
  2. Contacting a qualified appraiser. The second you apply chemicals to the finish on a piece of furniture, you risk devaluing it – never again to regain that value and possibly costing you up to 90% of its worth!
  3. Research, research, research. The Internet is a great place to find out more about your piece of furniture. Places such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s offer services to help you identify your piece of furniture.

Knowledge is Power! Once you’ve done your research, you are then prepared to learn more about the hand-refinishing process Tradition Furniture Restoration has in mind for your cherished piece of furniture. It may be the 3-step process of cleaning, touch up and polish, or a complete hand stripping and refinishing process. Whichever is the best for your situation, Tradition Furniture Restoration will guide you through the right steps to the right service.


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