Furniture Touch-Up and Repairs in Wellington, Florida:

Knowing when to completely restore and when to do furniture touch-up and repairs in Wellington and surrounding cities in the tri-county area, is an area of expertise unto itself. At Tradition Furniture Restoration each piece of furniture is analyzed to determine whether it requires refinishing or whether the touch-up procedure is the preferred method of furniture restoration.


The Three-Step Process
Touch-up is typically a three-step process:

  • Clean the piece of furniture to properly assess the need for restoration.
  • Make the necessary repairs. These repairs may fall under various categories such as veneer work, restoration and so on.
  • Polish the entire piece of furniture until the patina is clean and shining.


On-site or in-house, our touch-up service is like a day at the spa for your furniture. If your furniture is not becoming to you … it should be coming to us for furniture touch ups and repairs in Wellington.