The Art of Furniture Refinishing Services in Wellington, Florida:

Furniture refinishing services in Wellington locals are saying is a craft that TFR has down pat. Using the best materials and paying strict attention to every detail pays off when the finished product looks as if it were just delivered from the furniture showroom.

It is a Tradition Furniture Restoration practice to hand strip; hand sand and hand finish each and every piece of furniture that passes through our doors.

Whether you request a high gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matte finish, each step of the process is completed to the highest degree of satisfaction to ensure that the next step of the process is as successful. The end result – a piece of furniture that stands apart from the rest!

What You May Not Know About Furniture Refinishing

You are not alone if you do not realize that there are two ways of stripping furniture:

  • Dip and Strip
  • Hand Stripping

The dip and strip process is invasive and dangerous to your fine furniture. The chemicals used are much harsher than those used in hand stripping. Consequently the caustic soda eats away at the wood glue used to bind joints, and opens and ravages the wood’s natural grain. It takes much more sanding and prep work to finish a piece of wood after it has been submerged in caustic soda than when it is properly hand stripped with milder, yet as effective, chemicals says Tradition Furniture Restoration. Used as a part of their established process, furniture refinishing services in Wellington has improved with TFR in town!