Furniture Remodeling Services in Wellington, Florida:

Have you ever considered what to do with that out-dated stereo cabinet or old armoire? Tradition furniture remodeling services Wellington has given your 50s, 60s and 70s furniture great consideration. The bonus is you tote less to the community dump, minimizing the ever-growing mountains of garbage.

Opportunities to Re-Purpose
Transform your stereo cabinet into a flat-screen TV stand or quaint bar. Re-style your armoire to house your entertainment system. These and other ideas are creative alternatives to throwing away your older pieces of furniture.

  • Turn an old baker’s rack into a plant stand or airy bookcase.
  • Add a marble tabletop to two vintage nightstands for a console table.
  • Remodel the top drawer of an old fashioned dresser to accommodate a computer keyboard.
  • Furniture Refinishing can help achieve a new look

We can perform miracles when it comes to re-purposing your quality furniture. Years of collaboration with our interior designers have allowed us to create wonderful alternatives for older yet higher quality furniture pieces. You can bring it up to date and still “keep it in the family!” Our furniture remodeling services in Wellington helps you hold onto your heirlooms.