Tradition Furniture Repairs in Wellington: “TLC” is a Call Away!:

If you’re considering replacing your dining set just because of a couple of broken chairs, the best furniture repair services Wellington residents say, is Tradition Furniture Restoration. TFR can repair legs, spacers and back spindles. Rickety old dresser drawers, missing handles and wobbly tables are given “TLC” at TFR!

There is no need to throw away your furniture – not with Tradition Furniture Restoration’s decades of superior repairs. Quality furniture such as yours deserves a second chance, and we know just how to do it. Check out our furniture remodelling services too.

The Furniture Repair Assessment Test

There are some important pointers that will put you in the right direction when considering whether to repair or replace your furniture.

  • Materials. If your furniture is solid wood or wood with veneer it may be worth repairing or refinishing. Medium density fiberboard and plywood are not the highest quality wood materials.
  • Dovetailed Joints. These are another mark of quality furniture. Check your drawers to see if this type of joint was used in construction of the piece.
  • Construction and Decorative Hardware. A well-constructed piece of furniture will use dowels and wood screws. You should never see nails or staples. The decorative hardware should be quality metals and materials such as brass, glass, ceramic and wood.

The very best way to discover if your furniture is worth repairing is by calling Tradition Furniture Restoration and speaking with a furniture professional for your furniture repair services in Wellington.