Furniture Restoration Services in Wellington, Florida

When you wish to restore your furniture think, Tradition furniture restoration services Wellington. Ideally, when dealing with older items, it is important to consider how old it is, its provenance and what you wish to accomplish.

A furniture restoration service of contemporary furnishings combines our quality repairs and touch-up process for a beautifully refurbished end result. However, if your furniture is antique (over 100 years old) it is best to consult with us prior to requesting a complete restoration. The value of an antique is considerably diminished once any part of the original finish is removed. Look to an established furniture restoration company like Tradition Furniture Restoration to protect your treasured pieces.

Tradition Furniture Restoration can make a partial evaluation, moreover, it is our duty to steer our customers in the right direction. For this reason we always suggest conferring with a licensed appraiser.

Furniture Restoration Services Are Not Exclusive!

Restoration services are not exclusive to antiques and older pieces of furniture. Do you have contemporary couches and chairs that you want restored? Find out more about our furniture restoration services in Wellington, Florida.