Headboards, History & Helpful Hints

5 Stylish Eco-Friendly Headboards to Enhance Your Bedroom

The word, headboard, dates back to circa 1730. Headboards were initially designed to protect sleepers from the cold drafts of early home construction.

Today, headboards are another way to incorporate design into a bedroom to complete an esthetically pleasing picture. Tradition Furniture Restoration encourages you to consider these “green” ideas when redesigning your bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood …

We are witnessing a huge increase in usage of reclaimed materials when it comes to headboard design. Some of these artistically constructed pieces of bedroom furniture have included:

  • Doors. Turn any door sideways and you have a ready-made headboard. The beauty of old doors is the mellow wood patina that the passing of time has aged and enhanced, resulting in a fine wood finish.
  • Shutters. You can line them up or creatively pattern them behind your bed. They are charming and great for a “Cape” sort of look!
  • Rectangular Table Tops. Placed horizontally against the wall, they generally are 40 inches high – perfect as the backdrop to your grouping of throw pillows.

… And More!

Tabletops are wonderful finds for headboard usage. They don’t have to be made of wood. Consider these:

  • Wicker. Shabby chic wicker is another way of creating a seashore feel to your bedroom. Leave as is, or brush a little extra color into the textured woven natural fiber.
  • Metal Open Grill. Outdoor tables can also be used. Simply weave fabric through the open grillwork and make a pleasing pattern to complement your existing furniture.